June 1, 2012


Korea to initiate compulsory labelling for meat products


Korea's Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will initiate compulsory place-of-origin labelling for pork, chicken and kimchi, as meat processors and sellers are required to offer receipts identifying the place of origin.


The regulations will come into force on June 4, 2012, according to reports. For pork and chicken, all restaurants are required to identify the place of origin, and those bigger than 100 square metres need to identify the origin of kimchi as well when they serve it as a side dish.


Restaurants that fail to label products will have a guidance period of six months if they are smaller than 33 square metres and three months if they are under 100 square metres.


But misidentification will be punishable right away by three years in prison or a fine of KRW30 million (US$25,468). Failure to identify eventually carries a fine of KRW10 million (US$8,489).


All the businesses engaged in processing, packaging and selling meat are required to issue receipts or transaction specifications to restaurants with the type and place of origin.

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