June 1, 2009


South Korea beef and pork imports up in April


South Korea's imports of beef and pork in April increased 11.6 percent and 8.5 percent, respectively, from March, according to statistics from the Korea International Trade Association (KITA).


Beef imports in April reached 18,258 tonnes, slightly up from April 2008. Frozen beef comprised 82.2 percent or 15,010 tonnes of total imports, while fresh, chilled beef comprised of 3,248 tonnes.


In April, South Korea imported 10,573 tonnes of beef from Australia, up 6.6 percent from March but down 20.5 percent from April 2008.


Australia is the leading beef supplier to South Korea, with 57.2 percent of total imports, while the US is second with 24.4 percent. South Korea also imported 2,918 tonnes of New Zealand beef in April, up 10.8 percent from March but down 35 percent from April 2008.


South Korea imported 27,914 tonnes of pork in April, down 3.6 percent from April 2008. Total year-to-date pork imports reached 98,015 tonnes, down 18.2 percent on-year.


Pork imports from the US during April rose 34.3 percent from March and up 22.5 percent on-year to 9,719 tonnes. Total year-to-date US pork imports reached 31,074 tonnes, down 14.5 percent on-year, but the US still accounted 31.7 percent of total imports.


During April, South Korea imported 5,109 tonnes of Canadian pork, up 8.6 percent from March and up 5.6 percent from April 2008. Year-to-date pork imports from Canada grew three percent on-year to 19,022 tonnes.


In April, Chilean pork imports totalled 3,466 tonnes, down 5.1 percent from March and down 13.9 percent on-year. Year-to-date Chilean pork imports fell 32.4 percent on-year to 11,818 tonnes.

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