May 31, 2024


Malaysia allocates US$3.2 million to drive beef self-sufficiency in Sabah and nationwide




Malaysia's Agriculture and Food Security Ministry (KPKM) has approved an allocation of RM15 million (US$3.2 million) to support efforts in increasing the self-sufficiency rate (SSR) of beef in Sabah and the country as a whole by 2030.


Deputy minister Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup said the SSR of beef is relatively low in Malaysia, with Sabah at around 8% and the national rate of 15%. According to Kurup, the funds would help raise Sabah's SSR to 25%  and the national rate to 50%.


He said the allocation will be directed to the Sabah government's subsidiary, Sawit Kinabalu, through the 2024 Food Security Strengthening Programme. This will involve optimising land usage through a joint cattle farming project with the Sabah Veterinary Services Department.


"...KPKM is allocating RM15 million to Sawit Kinabalu to purchase 1,660 heads of cattle from Australia, expected to arrive by July or August this year. Through this, Sawit Kinabalu will commence a breeding programme, targeting 25,000 heads of cattle," Kurup said.


He said the project is expected to create at least 350 job opportunities for local residents, particularly those in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in agriculture. It will also serve as a catalyst to attract young people to engage in cattle farming.


Kurup added that the federal government is fully committed to supporting the state government's efforts to increase Malaysia's food production and reduce reliance on imports.


– Bernama

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