May 30, 2023


Avivagen announces review of strategic alternatives




Avivagen recently announced the appointment of a special committee to review and assess strategic alternatives for the company to maximise stakeholder value going forward.


The special committee will consider all potential alternatives including the sale, in whole or in part, of Avivagen. As part of that process and to support the strategic review, the company has implemented certain cost cutting measures including reducing staff and suspending or terminating some of its consulting arrangements in Asia and Mexico.


Avivagen's principal product, OxC-beta™, represents an innovative and science backed ingredient platform that has broad health and nutrition benefits in three major market verticals: livestock, companion animals and human health supplements. The technology is protected by a strong patent portfolio consisting of seven patent families.


Oxc-beta™ is approved for use in animal feeds in ten countries: Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, China, Mexico and Brazil.

- Avivagen

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