May 31, 2022


Russian President to discuss restarting Ukraine grain exports



Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was willing to discuss restarting Ukraine grain exports from Black Sea ports in a call with the leaders of Germany and France, Reuters reported.


The Kremlin said Russia will assist in searching for options for the unobstructed shipment of grain, which includes Ukrainian grain exports from Black Sea ports.


The Kremlin also said Russia will boost shipments of fertilisers and agricultural products if sanctions imposed on the country were removed.


Russia and Ukraine make up a third of worldwide wheat supplies. Russia is a major global exporter of fertilizer and Ukraine also exports corn and sunflower oil.


Ukraine and Western countries have alleged that Russia is "weaponsing" the food crisis through its invasion of Ukraine. Prices of grains, fertiliser, fuel, and cooking oil have soared to record levels.


Russia said the rising prices was due to Western sanctions imposed on the country, as well as the mining of Ukrainian ports.


The Kremlin said Putin is willing to resume discussions with Ukraine.


-      Reuters

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