ICC Brazil was in attendance at the Livestock Asia 2018 show in Malaysia last April.

The company's commercial manager, Isabela Barros, gave a lecture on the benefits of yeast cell wall supplementation, which reduces contamination of Salmonella enteritidis in laying hens and, consequently, in eggs.

Based on Barros' evaluation, ICC's participation in the forum was positive.

"We have been able to disclose a compilation of works on laying hens with ImmunoWall®, the source of β-glucan and MOS. In recent years, several alternatives to antibiotics have been tested and used commercially in animal production. However, factors related to animal metabolism should be considered to obtain the best cost/benefit of an alternative. ImmunoWall® stands out among the alternatives. In our presentation, we had the opportunity to demonstrate this in a solid way and with great scientific support," she said.

The commercial manager highlighted the interaction with the public.

"Our presentation generated curiosity, and we had questions related to our test in commercial laying hens where our product, ImmunoWall®, was able to reduce the contamination of Salmonella Enteritidis in the gut and ovaries of the poultry, thus proving to be a natural and effective solution to be used to ensure food security," Barros said.


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