May 31, 2012


Bangladesh experiences rising poultry prices for April


As a result of an imbalance of demand and supply for chicken, Bangladesh's poultry prices have been rising in Chittagong since the final week of April.


Poultry now sells up to BDT190 (US$2.32). According to retailers, the peak season for functions fuelled demand, but the supply fell instead of rising.


Md Jamal Uddin, a salesman at Khwaja Store of Reazuddin Bazar, alleges poultry farm owners created an artificial crisis in the market to exploit the higher demand.


Shantanu Roy, resident of Kotwali area, said it is becoming difficult for middle-income people to afford chicken at the current market price. He asked the local administration and the government to look into the situation.


Amir Ali, a seller of Kazir Dewri kitchen market, said poultry owners had assured all of an increase in supply from mid-May but that has yet to take place.


Customers always blame the retailers for price hikes, but the truth is that retailers or wholesalers can hardly do anything to influence the price, he added.


Didarul Alam, managing director of Paharika Farms Ltd and general secretary of Chittagong Poultry Breeders Association, said many poultry farms did not have any production in the last two to three months due to bird flu.


That's why, only 40% of the demand could be met of late, he said. Alam hopes normal service would resume in five months' time.


Farhad Hossain, assistant director of District Artificial Insemination Centre of Chittagong, denied any incidence of bird flu in recent times.


He blamed the poultry and hatchery owners for the current shortage of chicken.

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