May 31, 2010


Russian WEDA feeding unit in operation (Press Release)

Press Release

WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH are living up to their reputation as total providers for automated feeding units in Russia.


An ultra-modern production plant in Adigea, Southern Russia which recently went into operation is equipped with the entire WEDA technology: from climate control technology to house equipment, from liquid manure treatment to feeding technology - everything was completely designed and project-planned in Lutten (Lower Saxony).


Inside 17 buildings of the unit, 2,500 sows, 10,000 piglets and 20,000 fattening pigs can be accommodated. The unit has nine piglet divisions with one feed silo per division as well as 18 fattening divisions with 17 silos. Two divisions are designed for the accommodation of animals in need of intensive care. The piglets and fattening pigs are fed by means of the XtraFeeder.


For the 2,500 sows a standard dry feeding system is employed. The computer controlled feeding system allows an aimed provision of individual delivery points. The system only requires very little space and combines - depending on requirements - various kinds of dry feed which are fed in via independent circuits. The acquisition and delivery of about 75 tonnes of feed per day have to be logistically planned as several lorries have to call at the feeding unit.


All installations as well as the complete climate control and ventilation technology are also manufactured by WEDA. By means of this technology, the indoor climate is efficiently controlled and fresh air inside the animal house divisions as well as an economical demand of water of about 140 cubic metres of water is provided. High-grade steel gas canons combust the gas and thus generate the warmth inside the house. The climate control system of the house is controlled via inlet air flaps so that the warmth is not lost. Depending on requirements, optional fresh air is introduced or the warmth is kept up. Waste air is disposed by individual suction via 140 chimney system.


"It is mainly the trust into WEDA technology and the engineering skills before and during the planning phase which have convinced us," underlines the investor. Here, the specialists have particularly well solved the hard demands which had resulted by the continental conditions for the climate control system. Furthermore, the investors pay great attention to a continuous control technology as this is positively influencing the returns. "A determining factor was the fact that the complete technology is all from one source," says the operator.


Feedback from further investors shows that the total providers, WEDA, have meanwhile become a permanent fixture within the Russian market in this domain. Here, an important role is played by the cost-effectiveness, by the positive service which already starts with the first ground-breaking, as well as by the fulfillment of hygiene standards due to a sophisticated passage management.

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