May 30, 2012


China's May soyoil imports may hit 83,000 tonnes



For the month of May, the total soyoil import of China is likely to touch 83,000 tonnes.


According to the announcement concerning the import of agricultural commodities (grease and oil material) released by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) on May 25, the inbound shipments of soyoil totalled 18,600 tonnes in the first half of May.


The figure may reach 191,000 tonnes in June. During the first half of May, the imports of palm oil totalled 202,500 tonnes. The figure may hit 408,300 tonnes in May and 230,500 tonnes in June. China's imports of rapeseed oil reached 39,400 tonnes in the first half of May and may reach 85,700 tonnes in May. The figure may hit 7,700 tonnes in June.


The MOFCOM also revealed that China's imports of soymeal have reached 1,800 tonnes in the first half of May. The figure is expected to hit 2,800 tonnes in May and 1,000 tonnes in June.

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