May 29, 2023


Only Italian pork from ASF-unaffected areas allow to enter Japan




Heat-processed pork and pork products from Italy have now been permitted to enter Japan.


However, only meat derived from pigs born and raised in areas without African swine fever (ASF) restrictions and pigs found to be free of infectious disease symptoms at ante- and post-mortem inspection can enter the Japanese market.


Japan previously imposed a ban on imports of pork and pork products from Italy. The ban applied "irrespective of the origin of the meat from which these are obtained, effectively leading to the forfeiture of all export permits already held by the establishments."


Under the agreement, processing establishments that perform heat treatment of pork products must be authorised. It remains the responsibility of the Italian central authority to approve establishments that perform the stages prior to heat treatment.

- National Association of Italian Veterinary Doctors

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