May 29, 2012


Scandinavia to augment Fish World Oceania chain in 2012



Olena Yakimenko, supermarket chain owner has informed Ukrainian news that Scandinavia has plans to expand its chain, Fish World Oceania, by eight to 10 supermarkets in 2012.


"With the accretion of demand for fish this year we are planning to increase the chain by eight supermarkets," she said.


Yakimenko has elucidated, four outlets will be opened in Kyiv and one in each of Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lviv and Kryvyi Rih.


As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Scandinavia has expanded its Fish World Oceania chain by one to two supermarkets.


Founded in 1997, Scandinavia is one of the largest importers of fresh-frozen fish and seafood on the Ukrainian market.


Scandinavia imports ocean fish and seafood, including herring, mackerel, capelin, salmon, trout, and halibut, from Norway, Iceland, the US, Canada, Vietnam, and other countries.


The company offers over 100 types of frozen fish and seafood.


In 2007, it commissioned a logistic complex for refrigerated goods in Kyiv region and another one in Berdiansk (Zaporizhia region) in late 2008, their combined storage capacity 36,000 tonnes.


Scandinavia opened a logistic center Arctic (Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district, Kyiv region) in 2011.