May 28, 2013


Mexico may retaliate against US over meat labelling



In reaction to a new rule requiring meat sold in the US to carry labels specifying its origin, Mexico may retaliate with trade measures against the latter.


Mexico's economy ministry is considering retaliatory actions after the Obama administration last week announced new rules related to meat labelling. The Mexican threat reportedly came Friday (May 24).


Under the new regulations, meat labels will state for US meats "Born, Raised and Slaughtered in the US," while those from other countries could be labelled, "Born in Mexico, Raised and Slaughtered in the US," Reuters said.


The regulations are referred to as 'country of origin labelling,' or COOL.


In the statement, the Mexico economy ministry said, "Mexico is convinced that the new COOL rule does not comply with the WTO requirements and will cause even more damage to Mexican meat exports."

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