May 28, 2012


Chile's aquaculture exports reaches US$294 million for April

Chilean fishing and aquaculture exports reaches  US$294 million for April, according to the National Customs Service of Chile.
Given this figure, the sector has become the one that contributed the most to the increase in non-mining shipments abroad from Chile.
Out of the total, 45% corresponded to salmon shipments, that is to say US$131 million; and 32% to trout exports.
The entity considers: "From both products, the growth of salmon shipments was the most highlighted of the month: US$27 million more than in April last year, as it involved about 1% increase in non-mining exports of the month."
While the price of salmon shipments abroad fell by 23%, physical shipments increased 63% over April, 2011.
In addition, the total trout exports showed a 13% growth last month.
The report also detailed that the greatest total of trout shipments is explained by the increase in shipped weight, "as the average declared price fell 14%."
On the other hand, horse mackerel exports became the fastest growing in April, 2012 with a further contribution of more than US$25 million, that is to say, 382% more than in the same month last year.
Customs adds "In this case, although the price showed a slight decrease (-2%) the shipped weight increased fivefold compared to April of 2011, reporting shipments for more than 19,000 additional tonnes of horse mackerel."
With regard to markets, Japan was the main export destination for trout, with 71% share of the total shipped.
Meanwhile, 65% of the total Chilean salmon was sent to the US and to Brazil.
Finally, the main destination of Chilean horse mackerel was the African continent, mainly Nigeria, with 96% of the value of shipments.
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