May 27, 2020


Bangladesh poultry production, prices drop amid anemic demand during pandemic



Production of poultry meat and eggs in Bangladesh has decreased by at least 50% as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Poultry World reported.


The health crisis was a fresh blow to the industry, which had already been suffering from poor demand for about eight months.


Like in other parts of the world amid the pandemic, many of the country's hotels and restaurants were shut, and events and social gatherings like weddings and parties were cancelled.


The report, citing the Financial Express, said hatcheries have been forced to sell hatched eggs at throwaway prices or dump chicks. Also, prices of chicken eggs and meat hit a 12-year low in April.


The prices of broiler chickens dropped below production costs.


The price of farm eggs at farm level was US$0.05 in some regions of the country, which was below the production cost of at least $0.07, as per report. Before the pandemic, the average price of a farm egg was $0.08 – $0.09.   


Broiler chicken prices was selling at $0.65 per kilogramme at farm level, also below production costs of about $1.41 per kg, according to the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council.   

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