May 27, 2013


India's Haryana buys 5.88 million tonnes of wheat


During the current procurement season, as much as 5.88 million tonnes of wheat has arrived so far in Indian state Haryana.


Out of it, over 5,871,000 tonnes of wheat has been procured by Government agencies at the minimum support price and 9,232 tonnes has been purchased by private millers and traders, a spokesman of the Food and Supplies Department said.


He said the Haryana State Cooperative Supply and Marketing Federation Limited (HAFED) has procured over 2,277,000 lakh tonnes of wheat while Food and Supplies Department had procured over 14.61 tonnes.


Other agencies that procured wheat were Food Corporation of India (over 725,000 tonnes), Haryana Agro Industries Corporation (over 570,000 tonnes), Haryana Warehousing Corporation (over 529,000 tonnes) and CONFED at 306,000 tonnes of wheat.

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