May 27, 2013


Rabobank predicts Asia as most promising market for Russian poultry meat


Rabobank International analyst Nan-Dirk Mulder claimed that Asia should be considered as the most promising market for Russian poultry meat in coming years.


According to Mulder, Russian poultry is much closer to finding an exit on the international market arena than the pork and beef. In these two sectors it will be much more difficult to ensure quality and comply with veterinary requirements, especially with the unresolved African swine fever (ASF) problem.


"In the short term, exports of poultry meat can grow," the expert predicted. "I think the level of 2,000 tonnes is quite possible for Russia, especially with the focus on cheap products. If you look at the Middle East, it is not so far from Russia: you can reach sufficiently attractive conditions of export".


Mulder also proposed the idea of creating supply chain for the deliveries of poultry on the East Asian markets. "If you build a special export company in Vladivostok, they will be close to some of the largest importers, in particular South Korea and Japan," he recommends.


According to the representative of the Rabobank, Russian companies need to move towards creating partnerships with the largest trading houses in Korea and Japan. Korea imports nearly 30,000 tonnes of poultry, while Japan imports about 50,000 tonnes. The problem for these countries is that they cannot find a supplier of fresh chicken. Ideally a supplier should be located in the same region as China alone cannot meet their demand.

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