May 26, 2023


NOVUS to host symposium on improving broiler performance, sustainability in Rimini, Italy




Novus International, Inc., is gathering poultry experts to share how broiler producers in the European Union and the Americas can use nutrition to bolster both performance and sustainability during a special event at the 23rd European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) in Rimini, Italy


The company will present its own symposium called "Improving Performance and Sustainability through Nutrition" on June 21 held in conjunction with ESPN.


"We are very excited to bring this broiler-focused symposium to ESPN," said NOVUS executive regional technical services manager Silvia Peris, DVM, PhD, who will serve as the event's moderator and host. "The speakers joining us are experts in the field and really understand the concerns weighing on producers' minds. Drs. Tillman and Davin both work with top integrators, feeding millions of broilers. Their experience is vast, and I know they're eager to share how the broiler industry can get the most from birds through nutrition."


The symposium will feature presentations from three industry experts sharing their perspectives and answering audience questions during this interactive event.


"Nutritional Strategies for Broilers in the Americas" by Paul B. Tillman, Ph.D., PTNS - Poultry Technical Nutrition Services, LLC.


Dr. Tillman will share how the broiler industry in the United States has changed due to the increase in broilers raised without antibiotics.


He'll discuss how nutrition can optimise performance, specifically relating to amino acid formulation to reduced C/P (energy/protein) formulas and considerations in trace mineral supplementation, as well as the environmental impact of broiler production.


"Nutritional Strategies for Broilers in EMEA" by Roger Davin, DVM, poultry consultant and product manager at Schothorst Feed Research


Dr. Davin will provide an overview of European poultry production trends and the consequences these trends have on nutrition. He'll discuss sustainability measures like low protein diets, reduced soybean meal usage, mineral utilisation, and slow-growing broiler chickens and the impact these actions have on gut health and bird performance.


"Trace Mineral Nutrition: Scale Up™ Program to Expand Broiler Potential" by Hugo Romero-Sanchez, PhD, executive manager and global poultry technology lead at NOVUS


Dr. Romero will provide an overview of mineral supplementation recommendations from various organisations, explaining the practicality of these recommendations in current poultry production systems and with modern husbandry practices.


His presentation will address different trace mineral sources and their efficacy in optimising bird growth and performance.


"Producers are being asked to grow robust, healthy broilers with less pharmaceutical intervention and less impact on the environment, while also managing high feed costs and pathogens that may affect their flocks," Romero said. "This symposium offers insight and actionable suggestions on how producers can improve the flock and financial outcomes on the farm."


Romero will also discuss how NOVUS's Scale Up™ Program for broilers uses intelligent nutrition to address customer challenges and help meet production goals.


The NOVUS Symposium is free to attend for all those registered for ESPN. The programme begins at 16:00 on Wednesday, June 21, in Tempio 1 Room at Palacongressi di Rimini, the site of ESPN.



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