May 26, 2010


China's Zhangzidao Fishery establishes subsidiary in Taiwan


Zhangzidao Fishery Group Inc., China's largest seafood supplier, is setting up a subsidiary in Taiwan to develop its main business.


Zhangzidao chairman Wu Hougang said his company will introduce Taiwan-farmed aquaculture products as squid and tuna to China, as well as the island's fishery skills.


The China-based group, established in 1958, has over 70,000-hectare of aquaculture farm and engages in hatching, farming, processing and trading of bottom-dwelling seafood. Certified as national-class Enterprise Technology Centre, the company has set up many high-standard bio-laboratories with sophisticated testing equipment and capacity that meet the FDA and EU standards.


Wu said his company has been selling scallops and sea urchins to Taiwan through an agent since 1998. The liberalisation of cross-strait trade has motivated Zhangzidao to invest US$1 million to set up a subsidiary in Taiwan, following its establishment of a subsidiary in the US at the end of 2007 and others in France, Canada and Hong Kong.


Costly scallops in Taiwan mainly come from Japan, South Korea and Canada. But the Zhangzidao subsidiary may allow Taiwan consumers to enjoy more affordable products beginning September this year.

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