May 25, 2016


Hy-Line and Huayu to form merger



The merger between Hy-Line International and Huayu Agricultural Science and Technology has been officially approved by the Ministry of Commerce last week.


Headquartered in Lowa, Hy-Line International, will be working closely with Huayu to build a RMB2.1 billion (US$320 million), state-of-the-art integrated layer farm in Handan, Hebei.


The project is believed to bring in a foreign investment sum of about US$65 million, and will include a standardised breeding demonstration base, a modernised incubation center, an international egg product processing center, and a poultry disease, engineering and technology research center. Once the project is completed, it is capable of achieving an estimated annual sales revenue of RM3.65 billion (US$890.34 million), with total profit set as RMB730 million (US$111.27 million).


Founded in 1936, Hy-Line International is a world leader in poultry genetics. Its layers account for 70% of the market share globally, with Huayu being the major Hy-Line layer provider in China.