May 25, 2012


Argentina to resolve issues over GMO corn with China



Differences over some strains of genetically-modified corn that are impeding the passage of Argentine corn exports to China are still being tried to be resolved by the Argentinean government officials with China's Ministry of Agriculture, Agriculture Minister Norberto Yauhar said Thursday (May 24).


Yauhar told reporters at a briefing he had "positive" discussions with Chinese officials in Beijing, including those from China's Ministry of Agriculture, and hopes the bilateral corn trade would start "quickly" once these issues are resolved.


"The [Chinese government agencies] all expressed positive sentiment and we hope to open the trade as soon as possible... in 60 days," he said.


Argentina has signed a phytosanitary agreement with China, paving the way for corn exports from the Latin American country, but the emergence of unresolved differences over some strains of the GMO crop--China applies the same standard to all such modified corn crops worldwide--have delayed the actual trade.

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