May 25, 2012
Russia investing in fight against ASF and FMD

Russia will set aside RUB6 billion (US$870 million) in combating the African Swine Flu (ASF) and Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) threat.

About 80% of this amount, or approximately RUB2 billion (US$670 million) will be used to fight ASF, as it is the biggest epizootic threat to Russian livestock. At the meeting, there was reference made to the considerable work already done by the veterinary authorities to prevent the spread of disease.
"Currently in all regions of Russia registration of pigs at farms is provided, with a public awareness campaign to prevent and eliminate ASF. The regional budgets provides reserve funds in case of a ASF outbreak detection. Also on a regular basis the "hotline" receives information from the public about illness and death of pigs," according to representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor.
The Ministry of Agriculture insists that the regions at risk of ASF should adopt a program to prevent the spread of the disease and attract additional funds from regional budgets. Such programs already exist in the Krasnodar Territory, the most affected by the epidemic, where the program for 2012 provides the financing of RUB500 million (US$ 16.6 million) in Udmurtia - RUB356 million (US$11.8 million), and in the Rostov region -  RUB50 million (US$1.7 million). Relevant programs are currently under discussion in other Russian regions.
The Republic of Tatarstan, meanwhile, is looking to identify and locate the source of ASF.