May 25, 2009

Bangladesh poultry operators demand special help funds

Bangladesh's poultry industry operators want special funds that would help the sector to meet future demands and create employment for over 10 million people by 2021.


Protein demand will continue to increase as population grows, said Syed Abu Siddique, President of Bangladesh Poultry Industries Association (BPIA), the lobby group for tens of thousands of poultry farmers across the country.


Proper planning in the sector will reduce protein deficiency-related health conditions and generate employment on a large scale, he said.


The request was made as the newly-elected government is about the place the national budget for the fiscal 2009-10.


BPIA said there is no alternative to the poultry industry because it helps increase protein production quickly and reduces deficiency at low costs.


The per capita meat consumption is now 1.85kg, while that of eggs is 26 units, the lowest level of protein consumption among the developing countries, Siddique said.


But 700,000 tonnes of chicken will be required in 2010 and will grow to 900,000 tonnes by 2021, said BPIA.


Egg demand will also rise to 840 crore units by 2010 and 1,200 crore units by 2021.


Such production levels can be achieved if a separate fund is created to boost the sector, Siddique said, urging the government to earmark BDT10,000 crore for the sector in the national budget.


The fund will be used within the next 10 years to promote investment in the poultry industry, to create employment, and to provide equity support to prospective and existing investors, he said.


Increasing investment in the sector will enable the establishment of about 300,000 farms, he said.


The demand was also made in place due to bird flu, which has bled the industry dry. Siddique said helping the poultry farmers is important and as such, bank loan disbursement should be improved.


BPIA wants a two-year freeze on loan interest without any down payment and urged the government to reschedule the loans taken by affected farmers.


Siddique said Bangladesh's chicken produce will be able to enter the global market with they can prevent diseases and maintain quality. He said the export potential of the sector has led to some local companies rising production of processed poultry products.


BPIA said the government should impose high duty on poultry items to discourage imports, and that a 100-percent ban on foreign investments in the sector should be implemented, as foreign investors profit by enjoying various duty and tax benefits offered by the government.

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