May 25, 2006


UK pig performance up for the year



The performance of the UK pig herd has improved over the year, according to the latest economic figures from the British Meat and Livestock Commission.


The statistics show an increase in pigs weaned/sow a year, a drop in grower pig mortality, and a slightly lower finisher mortality, with an increase in carcass weight.


These factors, taken together add up to an extra 87 kg of pork sold a sow a year.


Pigs are also growing faster: growth and efficiency of the grower herd has risen 50 grammes to 509 grammes a day.


Although the data gives only a limited picture of the industry, discussions with producers during the recent Pig Fair indicated the improvements to be a national trend, according to BPEX Director of Pig Industry Development Mark Wilson.


BPEX has lined up a series of seminars to tackle seasonal drops in both breeding and finishing performance and a second series has been organised to reduce energy costs, a problem that has been of great concern to the industry lately.