May 24, 2023


US FDA implements changes in use of growth implants for beef cattle



The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to implement changes in the use of growth implants for beef cattle starting in June of this year, Nexstar Media reported.


These implants, which are placed under the skin behind the ear, have been instrumental in promoting growth and enhancing feed efficiency in cattle.


As part of this regulatory update, the FDA has also redefined the production phases for beef cattle, which will have implications for the labeling of both new and existing drugs in the industry.


Under the new guidelines, beef cattle production phases are categorised as follows: calves nursing their dams less than 2 months of age, calves nursing their dams 2 months of age or older, growing beef steers/heifers on pasture (stockers), growing beef steers/heifers in a dry lot (backgrounders), growing beef steers/heifers fed in confinement for harvest (feedlot cattle), and growing beef steers/heifers in a grow yard. These clearly defined phases are significant because they dictate the number of implants that beef cattle can receive per production phase.


Currently, there are implants approved for reimplantation, but the majority of implant labels lack specific information about their use.


-      Nexstar Media

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