May 23, 2023


Lallemand's YELA PROSECURE: Unlocking the power of hydrolysed yeast as functional protein source



Lallemand Animal Nutrition's YELA PROSECURE is a specifically designed hydrolysed yeast.


It was developed to offer highly digestible and functional nutrients that support animal performance and digestive care while contributing to the feed protein balance. Recent research confirms that this feed ingredient offers great potential as a functional protein source thanks to its superior kinetics of protein digestibility.


When looking for a protein source, the kinetics of protein absorption is an important parameter to consider. Many properties and functionalities of proteins are related to their absorption kinetics.


Supplying animals with 'flash' (absorbed within one hour) and fast (within three hours) digestible protein sources that is already processed and rich in free amino acids and small peptides will help them absorb and use those nutrients easily.


In vitro analysis has shown that 90.5% of the protein content of YELA PROSECURE has ‘flash' and fast digestibility kinetics, making it highly bioavailable for the animals. 


When compared to other feed materials, YELA PROSECURE shows interesting kinetics of protein digestibility (Figure 1).

This is of particular interest for young animals and during stressful periods, at a time when nutritionists are looking for highly digestible protein sources with fast kinetics of protein absorption, supplying free primary and secondary amino acids.

Figure 1: Kinetics of protein digestibility of various protein sources (Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Internal data, 2022)


- Lallemand Animal Nutrition

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