May 23, 2023


Egypt to import 170,000 cattle in preparation for Eid Al-Adha



Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation announced that the country is set to import 170,000 cattle as part of its preparations for the upcoming Islamic holiday Eid Al-Adha, Ahram Online reported.


According to the ministry, the imports will include 150,000 calves and 20,000 sheep.


Out of the 150,000 calves, 45,000 will be immediately slaughtered, while the remaining 105,000 will be fattened. The Ministry of Agriculture's plan aligns with the government's strategy to boost its strategic meat stock by exploring various alternatives, including tapping into new international markets, as stated by Agriculture Minister Al-Said Al-Qusair.


During this festival, many Egyptians observe the tradition of sacrificing sheep, goats, or cows to provide food for their families and donate to those in need. Additionally, some individuals opt to purchase substantial quantities of meat.


Al-Qusair said that the government is focused on increasing the availability of fodder for cattle and poultry to help lower their prices in the market. Rising meat prices have become a concern, exacerbated by the ongoing global food crisis.


The scarcity of imported fodder has been cited as a key factor contributing to the surge in meat prices, said Mohamed Wahba, the Head of the Butchers Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce.


-      Ahram Online

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