May 23, 2020


Tyson Foods' North Carolina plant reports 570 COVID-19 cases



Meat producer Tyson Foods has reported 570 cases of COVID-19 at its poultry processing complex in North Carolina, reported The Virginian Pilot.


Tyson Foods stated that it tested more than 2,000 staff members and contractors who work at its facility in Wilkesboro. The company said that most of the 570 did not show symptoms.


According to Tyson, it is increasing testing and healthcare options at 30 of its facilities. It is also providing face masks, putting physical barriers between work stations and implementing social distancing practices.


"We are working closely with local health departments to protect our team members and their families, and to help manage the spread of the virus in our communities," said Tom Brower, a Tyson health and safety executive.


Tyson had temporarily closed parts of the North Carolina complex that houses multiple plants for deep cleaning, including a multi-day closure announced last week.


Wilkes County health officials said that as of Thursday the area had about 450 COVID-19 cases, including two deaths and 20 current hospitalisations.


Nearby Forsyth County has said that dozens of cases there were linked to the Tyson facility.

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