May 23, 2013


Serbia may cooperate with Ukraine on poultry delivery to Balkans


Serbia is likely to enter into a comprehensive cooperation with Ukraine for delivering Ukrainian poultry to the Balkans.


Potentially the Balkan countries are an important area for the development of Ukrainian poultry exports, as in the long term this could even be a replacement of the Russian market for local producers, said Yuri Mikhailovich, expert of the Serbian food market.


"Consumers from Nis to Valjevo have already appreciated the quality of Ukrainian products, and currently there is only the need to create certain supply chains to Serbia of frozen chickens, hams and offal".


"First we need some promotional campaigns," he said. "Serbia should buy a few thousand tonnes of chicken from the Ukraine, and after that we can talk about full-scale trade relations".


Yuri Mikhailovich also stressed that the Serbian market for Ukrainian poultry products could be an attractive alternative to the Russian market. Just recently Ukraine stop exporting poultry products to Russia, so currently the country is looking for a new sales market, in case the import restrictions prove long-term.