May 23, 2012


Russia raises 2011 aquafeed production threefold



The rapid development of Russia's aquaculture industry in 2010 has led to a significant rise in aquafeed production, according to a report by Rosstat, the Russian federal static service.


In 2011, Russia produced a total of 135.4 thousand tonnes of commercial aquaculture, an increase of 13.4% compared to 2010. The total volume of aquaculture production has exceeded 163,000 tonnes. This figure includes 28,000 tonnes of planting material.


As a result of this growth aquafeed production in Russia has tripled, producing 533.88 tonnes in 2011 compared to 182.56 tonnes in 2010. According to experts the rate of fish feed production in 2012 may exceed the of 1,000 tonnes mark, as aquaculture production is becoming more profitable.


Also aquafeed imports into Russia have fallen from 1,200 tonnes in 2011 to 756.22 tonnes in 2012. Traditionally, the price of imported aquafeed is 12-20% higher than that produced locally, so experts predict that the volume of imports will continue to fall in 2012.


The growth in the sector will also be assisted by the adoption of the Law "On aquacultures," which is currently being prepared for a second reading in the Federal Parliament (State Duma). The adoption of this law would mean the consolidation of the industry and as a result it will become a fully legitimate segment of agriculture. Historically aquaculture was considered an independent segment in Russia, and therefore was not eligible for the substantial government subsidies, which were available for agriculture.


According to industry exports the most important aspect of this new support for the Russian aquaculture industry is co-financing of the cost of interest on loans for the production of marketable products and federal subsidies for the purchase of feed.

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