May 22, 2023


NBCA clarifies misconceptions surrounding checkoff reform



Colin Woodall, chief executive officer of US-based National Beef Cattlemen's Association (NCBA), said they are actively combating misinformation within the beef industry concerning checkoff reform, RFD-TV reported.


Woodall aims to address misconceptions and shed light on the functioning of the checkoff programme, adding that that there is a common belief that NCBA controls the Checkoff and has the authority to allocate funds at its discretion.


He said that this is not how the programme operates.


Several lawmakers and other cattle groups are backing the bipartisan Opportunities for Fairness in Farming Act (OFF Act), which aims to reform checkoff programmes. These groups argue that the act would introduce greater transparency and control over checkoff contractors. NCBA is one of the cattle groups lobbying against the bill.


Woodall said that NCBA is one of nine groups serving as a contractor for the National Beef Checkoff. While NCBA is the largest contractor, it is required to seek approval from the Beef Promotion Operating Committee (OC), comprising 10 representatives from the Federation of State Beef Councils and 10 representatives from the Cattlemen's Beef Board, each year.


Woodall said that extensive efforts are made to ensure that Checkoff funds are allocated in the most effective and necessary manner.


-      RFD-TV

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