May 22, 2017


EU agri-food exports up 11% in March, pork recovery trend sustained



The value of EU agri-food exports in March reached almost €12.7 billion (US$14.216 billion), which is €1.31 billion ($1.466 billion) or 11.3% higher than in March 2016, according to the latest figures published Friday, May 19, by the European Commission.


The EC said that based on the EU export performance per product category over the 12-month period from April 2016 to March 2017, the trend of pork export recovery has been confirmed. Pig

meat export value in the said one-year period was up 32% or by EUR1.35 billion, compared with that of the previous 12-month period.


Among all products, milk powders were the biggest winners in monthly export values, while wheat further declined in value terms. Oilseeds and poultry also lost some export value compared with March 2016.


It was noted that March 2017 registered the highest monthly export value over the last five years. Highest increases in monthly export values in March 2017 (as compared with March 2016) were recorded for the US, Japan, Russia and Switzerland.


When looking at the 12-month period from April 2016 to March 2017, EU agri-food exports reached €133.5 billion, corresponding to an increase of 3.6% in value terms compared with the previous period.


With regards to EU agri-food imports, their main origins over the 12 months through March 2017 were Brazil, the US, Argentina and China, followed by Switzerland, Turkey, Indonesia, Ukraine and Ivory Coast.