May 21, 2024


Floods in Brazil cause massive losses to hog, poultry farmers




Farm and meat lobbies in Brazil revealed on May 20 extensive losses of livestock from floods in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, likely leading to losses for farmers and processors and disruptions to meat production in one of the world's biggest food exporters.


Hog farmers lost an estimated 12,600 head after floods submerged entire towns in the state, said Valdecir Folador, head of local hog producers lobby ACSURS. He noted some 30 farms were affected, including those of suppliers to BRF and JBS.


ASGAV, a group representing local poultry processors and farmers, calculated total losses related to the floods at US$35.8 million, according to a statement.


Torrential rains disrupted about 20 poultry farms and flooded feed factories, ASGAV said. An estimated 279,000 poultry destined for slaughtering died, as well as 150,000 laying hens. Four meatpackers' plants were halted, ASGAV's statement said.


Rio Grande do Sul accounts for 24.24% of overall Brazilian pork exports and for 16.23% of the country's chicken exports, according to national industry lobby ABPA, which speaks on behalf of Brazil's biggest pork and chicken processors.


The port of Rio Grande, also disrupted by floods and landslides that blocked roads and affected a rail link to its terminals, ships nearly 9% of Brazil's overall pork exports and 6.33% of the country's chicken exports, according to ABPA data.


Folador said the total number of hogs on farms in Rio Grande do Sul is around five million.


- Reuters

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