May 21, 2020


Brazil's pork exports grow despite COVID-19



Brazil's hog producers have not been as badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as their counterparts in the EU and the US, The Pig Site reports.


The report cited Brazilian Association of Animal Protein data that showed pork exports have grown by 130,000 tonnes and output has reached 3.7 million tonnes, as of March.


Francisco Turra, former minister of Agriculture and current president of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein, believes that the higher unemployment in the country will not be enough to disrupt the hog supply chain because of bigger demand from other countries due to ongoing disease outbreaks, such as African swine fever, the report said.


"Brazilian hog producers will get out of the pandemic without being beaten. Because of the production problems all over the world, the only large provider will be Brazil", Turra said.


Carlos Cogo, a market analyst specialising in agricultural business, also believes that exports will help hog producers significantly in 2020.


Losivanio de Lorenzi, president of the Association of Swine Producers of Santa Catarina, agrees with Cogo, saying: "The export market is something that will save us in the rest of the year. Santa Catarina is the only state free of mad cow disease without vaccination and that counts [when looking to export]. New facilities are being granted authorisation to export to China and to new countries like Mexico".