May 21, 2013


Pakistan's wheat demand projected to be 29.06 million tonnes by 2015


Pakistan's wheat demand is expected to reach 29.06 million tonnes in 2015, as the country would have to feed more than 200 million people by then, says Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, vice chancellor of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF).


Dr Khan said that the goal could never be fulfilled without making tangible governing interventions. To ensure timely provision of irrigating water, seeds, fertilisers and other valuable inputs, and procureproduces as much as possible by the government would bridge the demand-supply gap and stimulate the rural economy.


He expressed his concern over stagnation of national wheat yield at 25 million tonnes, and stressed the need for adopting new technologies to cross the production barriers.


Healso emphasised to put the food security on the top of the agenda as it could steer the country out of energy crises. He held the view that without increasing investment in agriculture, livestock, science and technology,prosperity could not be achieved at national level.


Dr Khan made the statement while addressing the reception ceremony of newly-elected members of national and provincial assemblies, organised by the Department of Public Relations & Publications at New Senate Hall on May 18 evening.