May 20, 2023


Hungarian beef exports to China reach record highs as demand surges



Hungarian beef producers said exports to China have reached unprecedented levels, doubling annually since China opened its doors to Hungarian red meat in 2016, CGTN reported.


Janos Hajdu, the general manager of HUS Zsijet, one of Hungary's licensed red meat exporters to China, expressed confidence in meeting the demands of their Chinese customers. He said that Chinese consumers often request unique cuts, such as specific fat amounts on the bones or cuts distinct from those preferred in Europe. Hungarian beef producers are well-equipped to cater to these preferences.


Hajdu further revealed the remarkable growth of beef exports to China, doubling each year since the 2016 agreement, with the current projection of delivering 100 containers of beef to China this year.


Despite the booming sales, he acknowledged the vast growth potential in the Chinese market. This recognition has led him to lead a delegation of Hungarian meat producers on their inaugural visit to the Central and Eastern European Expo in Ningbo, where they aim to capitalise on the thriving demand.


Only three Hungarian slaughterhouses currently possess the necessary permits to export their products to China. Beef producers are eager to meet the high demand and secure more permits to expand their export capabilities.


This surge in Hungarian beef exports to China occurs amidst a global rise in beef trade, with China's appetite for red meat products increasing significantly. Last year alone, China imported 2.7 million tonnes of beef, with 40% originating from Brazil. But a recent disease outbreak prompted Beijing to impose a ban on red meat imports from Brazil, inadvertently benefiting Hungary, which now stands as China's largest European beef supplier.


Marton Szucs, the breeding manager of the Hungarian Limousin and Blonde d'Aquitaine Association of Breeders, said that China is important as a vital trading partner for Hungary. He said that Hungary needs to meet China's requirements to access their sizable market, which presents an opportunity for significant purchases.


-      CGTN

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