May 19, 2005


Adisseo strikes new partnership in enzyme supplies with Halim



Halim, the largest broiler integrator in South Korea with 30 percent of the domestic market, has recently chosen Adisseo as their sole enzyme supplier for animal feed production. Halim, together with its sister company Jeil Feed (Korea's third largest feed mill) produces approximately 1020,000 tonnes of feed annually Both Halim and Jeil Feed first tried Rovabio Excel AP in 2002, running a total of four field trials over two years.


Following a series of positive trials up to late 2004, the Halim group was fully convinced of the benefits that Rovabio Excel AP brings to their business. Since then, the group has started implementing Rovabio Excel AP in all their feed production.


Rovabio Excel AP was clearly the enzyme of choice for the Halim group for its proven efficacy in:


      -  improving feed efficiency;


      -  increasing uniformity of batches for slaughter; and


      -  better rearing conditions, with dryer litter and less ammonia in the environment


Halim is dedicated to producing and marketing quality trusted chicken food products to its customers and is therefore constantly looking at ways to improve their work process. The addition of Rovabio Excel AP is clearly the most effective way to lower feed cost and improve the quality of broiler meat.