May 18, 2023


Aldi secures second-largest share of UK fresh poultry retail market



Discount supermarket chain Aldi has emerged as a dominant player in the UK fresh poultry retail market, securing the second-largest market share, second only to retail giant Tesco, Poultry World reported.


Over the past two years, Aldi has captured an impressive 15% of the market share, outpacing competitors Sainsbury's (13.4%) and ASDA (12.2%), both of which experienced declines in their market share between 2022 and 2023. Aldi also surpasses Lidl and Morrisons, who hold 10.1% and 7.4% of the market, respectively, and closely trails behind Tesco, which has maintained a stronghold with a 22.5% market share for the past two years.


Aldi opened its first store in the UK in 1990. Currently, the supermarket chain operates 991 stores nationwide, employing over 40,000 individuals, and operates 11 distribution centres in the UK along with two outlets in Ireland.


Joshua Smith, Aldi's poultry buying director, said the company's poultry business surpasses the combined size of its beef, pork, and lamb segments.


Notable statistics about Aldi's fresh poultry market include selling 2.5 million whole bone equivalent birds per week, retailing 3.75 million packs of poultry per week, and utilising 400 wagons to distribute poultry across the UK on a weekly basis. All poultry products sold by Aldi are 100% British and are delivered through a key supply partnership with the 2 Sisters Food Group.


-      Poultry World

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