May 18, 2021


Muyuan uses 9.8% of soybean meal in feed products last year, president says


Chinese pork producer Muyuan Foods Co Ltd used just 9.8% soybean meal in its farm feed products last year, in an attempt to cut back costs due to increased prices of essential grains, said the company's president, Qin Yinglin.


Qin's comments on May 17 followed China's recommendation for its vast animal husbandry sector to reduce soy and corn content in feed, as imports of both grains set records in 2020.


China's recommendations were voluntary.


However, Muyuan, known for its low-cost hog production, could influence other firms to follow suit, threatening US$40 billion worth of Chinese soy imports.


"We recommend a low-protein diet for pig farming. Currently, the consumption of soybean meal for feeding pigs in our country is too high," Qin told a conference.


The industry average of 18% is almost double what Muyuan uses, Qin said.


Muyuan began working to reduce protein levels in 2000, Qin said, and this year, he submitted a proposal to the Chinese parliament calling for less waste of soybeans.


Qin is a delegate to the National People's Congress, China's parliament, which meets every year in March. Delegates can present bills or regulatory proposals for consideration during the Communist Party Congress.


China's livestock sector uses around 70 million tonnes of soybean meal per year. It imports around 100 million tonnes a year, more than 60% of world trade.


Reducing the use of soybean meal could decrease dependence on imports, lower costs and cut emissions of polluting gases, according to Qin's proposal, released on May 17.


- Reuters