May 18, 2021


University researchers claim to create South Korea's first cultured pork prototype



Researchers at South Korea's Sejong University said they have created the country's first cultured pork prototype.


The team, led by Professor Park Sungkwon, is collaborating with Seoul National University and homegrown cultivated meat startup Space F, and is planning to commercialise its cell-based technology in future.


The pork prototype was showcased in March this year and was cultured directly from porcine stem cells. It bears a similar muscular structure as conventional pork.


The project, which first began in 2018, is supported by the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as the country looks to bolster its local food production and resilience against supply chain shocks.


Commenting on the Sejong University team's achievement, Professor Park said: "We can open up the possibility of securing the fundamental technology for cultured meat production."


The team is also working on culturing beef.


According to a report by Korea Economic Daily, the first cultivated beef prototype will be revealed in the "coming months".


- Green Queen

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