May 18, 2012


EU 2012-13 harvest expectations lower due to wheat winterkill



Due to much higher levels of winterkill for soft wheat in Germany, Poland and France, Strategie Grains has lowered its EU 2012-13 grain output projections by four million tonnes to 278.8 million tonnes on Thursday (May 17).


The influential analyst group cut its estimate for the bloc's soft wheat production by 4.2 million tonnes to 122.7 million tonnes, after reassessing the impact of winterkill and drought damage in the centre-east of the region.


This included reductions of 1.6 million tonnes in Germany, 1.4 million tonnes in Poland and 0.6 million tonnes in France, while combined wheat production in Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic was revised down by 0.5 million tonnes due to cold and dry conditions for crop development.


However, Strategie Grains upwardly revised its estimate for corn production, by 0.2 million tonnes to 65.6 million tonnes, as countries affected by winterkill will plant more of the grain this spring, with output seen 0.4 million tonnes higher in Germany, Poland and France this month.

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