May 18, 2007


Ukraine posts increase in Q1 meat and egg output; milk production falls



Ukraine's first quarter meat and egg production rose 11.2 percent and 1.7 percent respectively while milk fell by 4.39 percent, the country's Statistics Committee said. 


The country's meat production increased by 915,400 tonnes in the four-month period as it stood 245,900 tonnes in April, posting an increase by 5.29 percent on-year and 13.42 percent month-on-month.


On the other hand, milk output volume fell by 3.211 million tonnes as the country produced 1.076 million tonnes in April, down 6.45 percent on-year but up 15.73 percent on-month.


Ukraine produced 4.642 billion eggs from January to April also marking an increase of 9.72 percent on-month in April but its 1.412 billion produced this month lower by 2 percent on-year. 


Ukraine's annual meat output decreased by 0.83 percent to 2.367 million tonnes in 2006 but its production went up 0.45 percent on the year to 13.802 million tonnes; egg output rose 9.05 percent on the year to 13.025 billion for the whole of 2006.

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