May 17, 2022


More than 120,000 pigs vaccinated against classical swine fever in Alagoas, Brazil



More than 120,000 pigs were vaccinated on almost 6,000 farms in the state of Alagoas, Brazil, during the second stage of a vaccination campaign against classical swine fever (CSF).


The initiative took place in March and April and the target of animals to be vaccinated was reached.


The campaign is part of a pilot project for the implementation of the strategic plan, "Brazil Free from Classical Swine Fever (CSF) in Alagoas", which was launched in 2021, by the country's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).


In addition to Alagoas, ten other states are part of the zone that is not free of the disease. These states are Amapá, Amazonas, Ceará, Maranhão, Pará, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Roraima.



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