May 17, 2022


Several EU states apply for 60-day pigmeat storage aid


April 29 was the deadline for EU member states' application for the private storage aid for pigmeat.


According to European Commission data, between March 25 and April 29, 17 member states applied for aid for a total of 47,541 tonnes, most of them for 60-day storage (27,695 tonnes, 58%), followed by 90 days (12,742 tonnes, 27%), 150 days (5,039 tonnes, 11%) and 120 days (2065 tonnes, 4%).


62% of the aid has been for the storage of parts belonging to Category 3 (0203 19 55, legs, shoulders, foreends, loins with or without the neck-end, or neck-ends separately, loins with or without the chump, boned) followed by Category 5 (0203 19 55, bellies, whole or trimmed by rectangular cut, without rind and ribs) with 15% of applications.


Among applying member states, the Netherlands has requested the largest amount of aid for a total of 12,512 tonnes (26%), followed by Denmark with 9,935 tonnes (21%). In the third and fourth place respectively, Spain requested 7,724 tonnes (16%) and Germany with 7,380 tonnes (16%).

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