May 17, 2013


Labbatt Food Service joins food-labelling program


Labatt Food Service is using the Where Food Comes From labelling program on the company's Native American Beef line, which features beef raised on Native American tribal ranches.


All products carrying the Native American Beef brand are certified by Where Food Comes From as sourced from an approved list of Native American producers. The company also offers the Where Food Comes From labelling program on its New Mexico Source Verified Beef, which features beef produced in New Mexico. The New Mexico Source Verified Beef line is currently available in restaurants in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


"We see great potential to connect consumers with the wonderful heritage and traditions of Native American agriculture and communities through the Where Food Comes From program," said Blair Labatt, CEO of Labatt Food Service.


Where Food Comes From Inc. provides third-party identification, verification and traceability solutions for the food industry. The company supports more than 6,000 farmers, ranchers, processors, retailers and restaurants with a wide variety of value-added services through the company's verification divisions. The company also has a Where Food Comes From retail and restaurant labelling program.

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