May 17, 2007


After hogs, FDA diverts its investigations on fish feed for melamine 



The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues its enquiries on the presence of melamine on fish feed manufactured by a Canadian feed company.


The company, Skretting, has withdrawn its fish feed from all commercial fisheries and fish hatcheries that may have received it, including those in the United States following FDA's reports that two US commercial aquaculture firms may have obtained melamine-filled feed.


The USDA has already cleared pigs which were being held on farms from any risk and has given the go-signal for slaughter and consumption.


The positive test results for pork have strengthened conclusions reached by a human health risk assessment that there is a very low risk of human illness from the consumption of meat from animals exposed to the feed.


The tests also proved that melamine and related compounds do not accumulate in pork and it is filtered out of the body by the kidneys.


The FDA and US Agriculture Department continue to conduct a full and comprehensive investigation. The two agencies have promised additional information and updates to be readily available to the public. 

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