May 16, 2023


Majestic Milling expands organic soybean operations to meet customer demand



US-based Majestic Milling Co. is responding to increased customer demand by expanding its organic soybean operations and enhancing product integrity through the introduction of new storage and processing equipment at its terminal facility in Aurora, Missouri state, US, World-Grain reported.


The expansion project, initiated in September 2022, involves the installation of three 150,000-bushel bins, six extruders, and three presses at the facility. This nearly three-year-old terminal specialises in the production of organic soybean meal and oil.


Prior to the expansion, the Aurora terminal had only 10,000 bushels of soybean storage. The facility now boasts a rebuilt BNSF track and rail pit to accommodate the three new bins.


The anticipated organic soybean meal production capacity at the Aurora terminal is 6 tph, with an annual projected output ranging from 35,000 to 50,000 tonnes.


Majestic Milling, a farmer-owned company headquartered in Cassville, Missouri, initially established a feed mill in Wheaton, Missouri, in 2017. Subsequently, in 2019, construction of the Aurora terminal commenced. The company specialises in the production and manufacturing of organic, non-GMO, and antibiotic-free feeds, which are distributed wholesale to farms.


Following the expansion in Aurora, Majestic Milling anticipates processing approximately 1.28 million bushels of organic soybeans annually, in addition to 2 million bushels of organic, non-GMO, and conventional corn.


-      World-Grain

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