May 15, 2008


Canada imports more US pork


Canada's imports of US pork has increased by 20 percent to 164,334 tonnes in 2007, compared with 137,302 tonnes the previous year, according to USDA Foreign Agricultural Service report.


The growth can be attributed to Canada's strong currency.


Inward shipments comprised fresh and chilled pork cuts, including back ribs and US-prepared pork such as pre-packaged sausages.


Demand for US pork in Canada is projected to grow this year, reflecting the forecast for lower domestic pork production and a continuously strong Canadian dollar versus the US dollar.


Imports of US pork were up 40 percent over the January to February period compared with the same time a year ago.


According to the USDA report, hog farmers in Canada are leaving the industry "at an unprecedented rate." The total number of Canadian hog farms on April 1 this year decreased to 8,820, down 19.3 percent from last year.

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