May 14, 2021


Tyson Foods to remove certain rooster affecting US chicken supplies


Tyson Foods will remove a certain type of rooster from its chicken business in the United States following a discovery that eggs fertilised by this rooster result in fewer chickens, Reuters reported.


Donnie King, president of Tyson Foods' poultry division, said they will install a replacement across its breeding programme by this fall to improve production.


A spokesman for Tyson Foods did not respond to a request about the variety or origins of the rooter that is being removed.


Tyson Foods owns Cobb-Vantress, a major breeding company that provides hens and rooters to chicken producers for the production of poultry and eggs.


King said the problem rooster is half the reason why the company's chicken supplies have dwindled, with the other half being increased demand for chicken.


Tyson Foods chicken sales dropped 3.2% by volume in the first quarter ended April 3. Prices increased 7.8%, pushing sales by value to US$3.6 billion, 4.6% up.


Tyson Foods purchased more chickens, mainly breast meat, from outside companies that it normally does to meet consumer demand.


King said it will take a year after the new rooster is installed for the company to see the full benefits from improved hatching.


- Reuters

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