May 14, 2013


Ukraine's 2013 grain harvest may reach 56.55 million tonnes


Ukraine may harvest 56.55 million tonnes of grain in 2013 against 45.3 million tonnes last year.


According to the USDA report posted on its web site, Ukraine's wheat harvest this year will be 22 million tonnes, of which fodder grain 34.55 million tonnes, including 26 million tonnes of corn.


The USDA estimates grain exports from Ukraine in the current marketing year (July 2013-June 2014) at 28.18 million tonnes, wheat exports at 9.5 million tonnes, exports of forage grain at 18.68 million tonnes, including that of corn at 16.5 million tonnes.


The USDA forecasts that by the end of the current season, Ukraine will export 22.87 million tonnes of grain, including seven million tonnes of wheat and 15.87 million tonnes of fodder grains.


As reported, the Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry will export in the current marketing year 24 million tonnes of grain versus nearly 22 million tonnes exported in the previous marketing year.


In 2012 Ukraine harvested around 46.2 million tonnes of grain, against the record high of 56.7 million tonnes gathered in 2011.