May 14, 2009


Chr Hansen launches new meat culture
Press Release

Global natural ingredients supplier Chr. Hansen has launched a new meat culture that will improve the taste, appearance and process economy for producers of sausages and cooked meat.


Bactoferm CS-300, which is an enhanced version of Bactoferm CS-299, is a vegetable flavour blend and is a concept to produce all-natural products while ensuring product safety and enhanced freshness during shelf-life, said John Jensen, Marketing Director of Chr. Hansen.


Aside from cooked ham, the new culture Bactoferm CS-300 is also suitable for other cured and cooked meats as well as bacon and fermented sausages like salami.


The two selected bacterial strains used in this blend could provide a mild, round taste and the typical colour of cooked cured meat products, said Jensen.


The culture also has a high nitrate reductase activity and provides the desired colour much faster than market standard, Jensen said.


Using the new culture can ensure a short ingredient list without compromising product quality and appearance, while providing a ''home-made'' taste experience, said Jensen.


Horsholm, Denmark-based Chr. Hansen is among the world's top 15 suppliers of food ingredients. It supplies enzymes for cheese production, bacterial cultures for cheese yoghurt, wine and meat products.